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“E.T.D. 150″™ CF Alloy Round Bar

ETD150 is 4100 H modified alloy steel, with high tensile and yield strength properties. Produced by Elevated Temperature Drawing, problems of warpage and distortion, as well as residual stresses from cold working with a controlled-die practice, are reduced. Welding may be difficult, unless sections are preheated first, then stress-relieved afterwards. Meets AMS 6378. The “Elevated Temperature Draw process” and “e.t.d. 150″™ are patented/trademarks by LaSalle Steel Co., producers of the steel.

Typical Mechanical Properties – ETD 150:

Tensile Strength (psi) 150,000 min
Yield Point (psi) 130,000 min
Mean Elongation (% in 2″) 10
Mean Reduction of Area (%) 37
Brinell Hardness 302 min

Note: “Typical Mechanical Properties” listed in this catalog have been compiled from a variety of sources. Information is deemed reliable, but not guaranteed. Data is provided for information only, NOT FOR DESIGN PURPOSES.

SRound Bar Diagramtocked in 11-13 foot random lengths; cut pieces available. Other sizes may be available on request.

.500 .6682
.625 1.044
.750 1.504
.875 2.046
1.000 2.673
1.250 4.176