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Domex 700 MC

Domex cold forming steels are thermo-mechanically rolled in modern plants where the heating, rolling and cooling processes are carefully controlled. The extra high strength steel grades are used in applications such as truck chassis, cranes and earthmoving machines. In these applications, the high strength of the steels is used to save weight and/or to increase the payload. As a result of this and the good formability of the steels, the total costs can be reduced.

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Product Availability:

Thickness (in) Weight / Square Foot (lbs) SKU
.098 3.97 RDX 0984
.118 4.76 RDX 1181
.157 6.35 RDX 1574
.196 7.94 RDX 1969
.315 12.70 RDX 3149

Typical Mechanical Properties:

Property Value
Elongation (=> 3mm) 12
Elongation (<3 mm) 10
Yield Strength psi (min) 101,000
Tensile Strength psi (min-max) 108,000-137,000

Note: The Typical Mechanical Properties listed have been compiled from a variety of sources. Information is deemed reliable, but not guaranteed. Data is provided for information only, NOT FOR DESIGN PURPOSES.