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7075-T6 Aluminum Plate

7075 is one of the highest strength aluminum alloys available, often used for highly stressed parts. It has good machinability and an excellent strength-to-weight ratio, and is a popular material applications where strength is extremely critical. 7075 has only average corrosion resistance. Improved resistance is normally obtained by cladding parts. AED stocks 7075 in many bar and plate sizes; sheets and other sizes are available upon request. 7075 is sometimes used in place of 2024.

Typical Mechanical Properties – 7075:

Bare: Alclad:
7075-O 7075-T6, T651 7075-O 7075-T6, T651
Tensile Strength (psi) 33,000 83,000 32,000 76,000
Yield Strength (psi) 15,000 73,000 14,000 67,000
Elongation % in 2″
.063″ Sheet
17 11 17 11
     1/2″ Round 16 11
Min. 90° Cold Bend Radius for .064″ thick 0 0-1T
Brinell Hardness 60 150
   Ultimate Shearing
Strength (psi)
22,000 48,000 22,000 46,000

Note: “Typical Mechanical Properties” listed in this catalog have been compiled from a variety of sources. Information is deemed reliable, but not guaranteed. Data is provided for information only, NOT FOR DESIGN PURPOSES.

7075 Aluminum Sheets Diagram  AED typically stocks 7075 plate in the “bare” form (T6, T651), which meets Federal Specification QQ-A-250/12.



Stocked in full sheets, 48″ x 144″; cut pieces available. Other sheet and plate sizes may also be available on request, as well as “Alclad,” which meets QQ-A-250/13. Cladding provides superior corrosion resistance.

.250 3.636
.375 5.454
.500 7.272
.750 10.908