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Sheets – Normalized & Annealed

4130, also known as “Chrome Moly” (short for chromium molybdenum) is a general purpose steel that has been widely used by the motorsports industries for many years. Weldability, fabrication and mild hardenability make it a popular choice in all forms – tube, bar, sheet, and plate.

Typical Mechanical Properties:

Annealed Normalized up to 
.062″ – .187″
Normalized over
.187″ – 1.50″
Tensile Strength (psi) 85,000 max 95,000 min 90,000 min
Yield Point (psi) 75,000 70,000
Elongation (% in 2″) 8-12 15-18

Note: “Typical Mechanical Properties” listed in this catalog have been compiled from a variety of sources. Information is deemed reliable, but not guaranteed. Data is provided for information only, NOT FOR DESIGN PURPOSES.

 4130 sheets are supplied in two “conditions”: Normalized or Annealed

Normalized Condition meets AMS 6345, and it is also known as Condition “N”, and is sometimes referred to as “Normalized or Otherwise Heat-Treated to meet AMS 6345.”

Normalized is the harder and stronger grade.

Annealed Condition meets AMS 6350. 

It is also known as Condition “A” meets AMS 6350

Annealed is the softer and formable grade.

Thicknesses above .125″ are typically stocked in a hot-rolled (“HR”) finish, which means they may have a surface texture. This is very common in these thicknesses.

Other thicknesses may be available on a special order basis
As always, “if you don’t see it” ask for it!”

Revised as of March 25, 2011


Stocked in full sheets, 36″ x 72″SheetsDia_175
Cut pieces available

1 41S025N0.0251.021 41S025A0.0251.02
1 41S032N0.0321.3061 41S032A0.0321.306
1 41S040N0.041.6321 41S040A0.041.632
1 41S050N0.052.041 41S050A0.052.04
1 41S063N0.0632.571 41S063A0.0632.57
1 41S071N0.0712.8971 41S071A0.0712.897
1 41S080N0.083.2641 41S080A0.083.264
1 41S090N0.093.6721 41S090A0.093.672
1 41S100N0.14.081 41S100A0.14.08
1 41S125N0.1255.11 41S125A0.1255.1
1 41S160N0.166.5281 41S160A0.166.528
1 41S190N0.197.7521 41S190A0.197.752
1 41S250N0.2510.211 41S250A0.2510.21
1 41S375N0.37515.321 41S375A0.37515.32
0.520.421 41S500N0.520.42